How to use the movie player

Browser Video Player

  1. 1Play/Pause Button

    You can play or pause sample movie by clicking the Play/Pause button in the middle of the screen or on the bottom left of the player.

  2. 2Progress Bar

    This bar indicates what part of movie is currently playing. You can also fast forward or rewind by moving this bar.

  3. 3Mute/Volume Adjustment

    It is available by clicking to mute or moving the bar to adjust volume.

  4. 4Full Screen Display

    Enlarge the movie screen. Press "Esc" key on you keyboard to shrink it back.

  5. 510 Seconds Rewind

  6. 610 Seconds Skip

  7. 7Sample / Full Movie Switch

  8. 8Quality Select

    You can change the movie quality.

  9. 9Theater Mode

  10. 11Favorite

    You can add/remove the movie to your favorite list.